Trending on Tuesday.

Here are some good posts I saw this past week, from around the internet and social media sites. I encourage you to check them out.

Article – “Dads, write in your bible.” by Jonathan Parnell. I have never been a fan of writing in my bible, but this article changed my mind. I’m going to do this for both of my children.

Article – “8 things to convince you of a man’s character.” by Jen Smidt. Written specifically to single ladies who are looking for qualities in a potential husband, this article has lots to say to us men.

Article – “8 things that reveal a woman’s character.” by Jen Smidt. Written to single men looking for the right lady, but again full of great insights for ladies from a lady.

Article – “Restaurant owner with Down Syndrome shares his gift.” by Joseph Sunde. This story is awesome.